(AB)NORMAL is an interdisciplinary studio experimenting within architecture, design, scenography, and creative direction ︎ 



Set Design, Florence, 2024

Studio Skate Market

Pop-Up Retail, New York, 2023

Versace Show SS 2024

Set Design, Milan Fashion Week 2023


Architecture, Won Competition, Florence, ongoing

Moncler Studio Ascenti

Set Design, Paris, 2023

Anthos Show

Polimoda Graduation Show 2023

BEIC - New European Library

Architecture, Won Competition, Milan, ongoing

Byrsa Acropolis

Architecture Competition, Carthage, Tunisia, 2023

Primary School Oltre Maira

Architecture Competition, 3rd Prize, Dronero, Italy

T.I.E.D. Pavilion

Installation, ME Milan Il Duca, Milan Design Week 2023


Installation, Architecture Venice Biennale 2023

The Self Observing Landscape
AA Visiting School, ongoing

Ortigia Sound System
Creative Direction, 2023

Installation, DROPCITY, Milan Design Week 2023

Pavilion, Marmomac 2022,

Rosa Camuna
Furniture Design, Milan, 2023

Moncler Studio Ascenti
Set Design, Milan, 2022

Spatial Installation, Biennale of Tbilisi, Italy/Georgia, 2020

Furniture Design, Austria, 2022

(ab)Normal Story
Graphic Novel without chronology, 2017 - ongoing

Floating Opposites - Cassina & One Block Down
Installation, Milan Design Week 2022

Chroma Park
Installation, DROPCITY, Milan Design Week 2022

Guerrilla Scan
Research, World, On-going

Freak Show
Exhibition Design, Milan, 2022

Digital Environment, Virtual, 2021

Take Your Seat
Contribution, ADI Design Museum, Milan, 2021

Dolmen Table
Furniture Design, Superattico, Milan, 2020

Grow Your Own Cloud, SXSW, Austin Texas, USA 2020

Installation, The State of The Art of Architecture, Milan Triennale, 2020

Der Januskopf: a two-faced strategy for Rennweg
EUROPAN 15, Architecture Competition, 2nd Prize, Wien

Hybrid Field 
Furniture Design, Berlin, 2019
Domus n°1040 
Cover Image and Illustrations, November 2019

Bodies of Knowledge
Installation at +MSUM, BIO26, Ljubljana, 2019

Installation, Oslo Architecture Triennale 2019

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Video Installation, Haus der Architektur, Graz, 2019

Machine(s) of Loving Grace
Installation, Teatro Ringhiera, Milan, 2019

Everyday Ruins 
Video Installation, Baltsprojects, Zurich, 2019
Microtools, The Invisible Synapse
Installation, Alcova, Milan Design Week 2019

Domestic Monuments, DiSé
Visual Identity and Illustrations, Palazzo Biscari, Catania, 2019

Affordable Art Fair 2019 
Images and Virtual Reality, Milan, 2019
Installation, Virtual Reality, Anise Gallery, London, 2018

Installation, Swiss Architecture Museum, Basel, 2018

Relics, Forma e Cemento
Visual Identity and Illustrations, Salone del Mobile, Milan, 2018

- Multidisciplinary agency experimenting within design, architecture, digital art and creative direction. -


Set Design, Florence, 2024

The human body stands at the forefront of fashion – it is the canvas upon which designers express their creativity and vision. AN/ARCHIVE EVENT ONE delves into this intrinsic relationship, exploring how fashion shapes and is shaped by our physical form. The theme invited a contemplative journey through various interpretations of the body in fashion, from the way garments drape and move to the societal and cultural significances imbued in fashion.

It’s a celebration and examination of the body through the lens of style, identity and artistic expression.

The exhibition space, designed by (ab)Normal for @polimodafirenze, responds to the bare architecture of the recently renovated B4 Building at @manifatturatabacchifi, and showcases works from designers, artists and researchers from various disciplines, ranging from olfactory art to choreography. This space serves as a dynamic platform in dialogue with an exhibition of iconic garments by contemporary renowned designers, in collaboration with A.N.G.E.L.O. Vintage Archive.

The event, that took place during Pitti Uomo 2024 (9 - 21 January, 2024), hosted a program of meetings with authors, experts and fashion researchers, fostering a series of crucial dialogues on the role of archiving, diversity in body representation, and the evolving dynamics of the fashion industry.

Massimiliano Giornetti
Linda Loppa 

A.N.G.E.L.O. Vintage Archive 
William Forsythe
Sissel Tolaas 
Minna Palmqvist

Project Team (ab)Normal, Sarah Micheli, Silvia Missaglia, Camilla Morandi, Camilla Vaghi
Photos by Tiziano Ercoli & Riccardo Giancola

- Interdisciplinary studio experimenting within design, architecture, digital art and creative direction. -