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Set Design, Florence, 2024

Studio Skate Market

Pop-Up Retail, New York, 2023

Versace Show SS 2024

Set Design, Milan Fashion Week 2023


Architecture, Won Competition, Florence, ongoing

Moncler Studio Ascenti

Set Design, Paris, 2023

Anthos Show

Polimoda Graduation Show 2023

BEIC - New European Library

Architecture, Won Competition, Milan, ongoing

Byrsa Acropolis

Architecture Competition, Carthage, Tunisia, 2023

Primary School Oltre Maira

Architecture Competition, 3rd Prize, Dronero, Italy

T.I.E.D. Pavilion

Installation, ME Milan Il Duca, Milan Design Week 2023


Installation, Architecture Venice Biennale 2023

The Self Observing Landscape
AA Visiting School, ongoing

Ortigia Sound System
Creative Direction, 2023

Installation, DROPCITY, Milan Design Week 2023

Pavilion, Marmomac 2022,

Rosa Camuna
Furniture Design, Milan, 2023

Moncler Studio Ascenti
Set Design, Milan, 2022

Spatial Installation, Biennale of Tbilisi, Italy/Georgia, 2020

Furniture Design, Austria, 2022

(ab)Normal Story
Graphic Novel without chronology, 2017 - ongoing

Floating Opposites - Cassina & One Block Down
Installation, Milan Design Week 2022

Chroma Park
Installation, DROPCITY, Milan Design Week 2022

Guerrilla Scan
Research, World, On-going

Freak Show
Exhibition Design, Milan, 2022

Digital Environment, Virtual, 2021

Take Your Seat
Contribution, ADI Design Museum, Milan, 2021

Dolmen Table
Furniture Design, Superattico, Milan, 2020

Grow Your Own Cloud, SXSW, Austin Texas, USA 2020

Installation, The State of The Art of Architecture, Milan Triennale, 2020

Der Januskopf: a two-faced strategy for Rennweg
EUROPAN 15, Architecture Competition, 2nd Prize, Wien

Hybrid Field 
Furniture Design, Berlin, 2019
Domus n°1040 
Cover Image and Illustrations, November 2019

Bodies of Knowledge
Installation at +MSUM, BIO26, Ljubljana, 2019

Installation, Oslo Architecture Triennale 2019

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Video Installation, Haus der Architektur, Graz, 2019

Machine(s) of Loving Grace
Installation, Teatro Ringhiera, Milan, 2019

Everyday Ruins 
Video Installation, Baltsprojects, Zurich, 2019
Microtools, The Invisible Synapse
Installation, Alcova, Milan Design Week 2019

Domestic Monuments, DiSé
Visual Identity and Illustrations, Palazzo Biscari, Catania, 2019

Affordable Art Fair 2019 
Images and Virtual Reality, Milan, 2019
Installation, Virtual Reality, Anise Gallery, London, 2018

Installation, Swiss Architecture Museum, Basel, 2018

Relics, Forma e Cemento
Visual Identity and Illustrations, Salone del Mobile, Milan, 2018

- Multidisciplinary agency experimenting within design, architecture, digital art and creative direction. -

Der Januskopf: a two-faced strategy for Rennweg

EUROPAN 15, Architecture Competition, 2nd Prize, Wien

with Of Possible Scenarios

Is it possible to organize a neighborhood in which living and working are interwoven in a natural way? In which there is room for the creation of a living community that is able to move and make?

Januskopf is a design proposal for a system that integrates housing, productive spaces and public areas with an ambition to resolve the missing puzzle piece of Neu Marx Neighborhood, linking and framing different scales from urban to interior.

Like the two-faced Roman god, Januskopf expresses itself through 2 opposite facades, responding to the site idiosyncrasies: a translucent and semi-open winter garden stands out against the busy and polluted Rennweg, while a system of wide and gently-sloped terraces stretches out to Wildganshof and the adjacent residential tissue.

A hub for Makers
To make is to form something by putting parts together or combining substances. In order to do so, makers need to be aware of the ‘things’ that constitute what they intend to make. While e-commerce and efficient logistical distribution gives access to greater range of possibilities, it is harder and harder to physically examine range of materials in a single space. While spaces of making are becoming more specialized with new machines and software, materials are being shipped from farther away than ever. In creating a new community for makers in Rennweg, Januskopf is predicated upon creating a material hub for the users to not only streamline the logistics of materials but also to allow a physical engagement with the catalogue of material components that flows through in and out of the site.

Rennweg is optimally located to be an intermediary logistical center between the intercity and the suburban warehouse and wholesale facilities around Vienna. Traditional market halls which functioned as logistical nodes for cities have moved out due to densification and expansion of flow of goods. Now, most of our logistical nodes are located out in the suburbs. These large shipments from the warehouses use larger vehicles to ship materials in bulk which often causes congestion and inefficiencies in delivering materials into the city center. In order to address the last mile issue, the material hub redistributes larger chunks into smaller shipments using delivery vehicles as, bikes, scooters, and drones.

Incorporating movement of materials as a key component of the proposal, the project expands the scope of the work and live typology. Movement of materials and people in a complex for makers to live and work in, encourage collaborative and creative engagement amongst members of the new community. No longer is makerspace purely a space to use equipment but a space where people, materials, and ideas congregate to make new things.

- Interdisciplinary studio experimenting within design, architecture, digital art and creative direction. -