- Multidisciplinary agency experimenting within design, architecture, digital art, and creative direction. -


Design piece, Austria, 2022

Pavilion, Marmomac 2022,
BEIC - Biblioteca Europea Informazione e Cultura
Competition, Milan,
Moncler Studio Ascenti
Set design, Milan, 2022

Floating Opposites - Cassina & One Block Down
Installation, Milan, 2022

Chroma Park
Installation, Dropcity, Milan, 2022

Guerrilla scan
Research, World, On-going

Object design, Milan, 2022

Digital environment, Virtual, 2021

Take your seat
ADI Design Museum, Milan, 2021

Dolmen Table
Superattico, Milan, 2020

Spatial Installation, Biennale of Tbilisi, Italy/Georgia, 2020

Grow Your Own Cloud, SXSW, Austin Texas, 2020

Installation, The State of The Art of Architecture, Milan Triennale, 2020

Hybrid Field 
Design piece, Berlin, 2019
Domus n°1040 
Cover image and illustrations, November 2019

BIO 26, Bodies of Knowledge
Installation at +MSUM, Ljubljana, 2019

OAT 2019 Arpa
Installation, Oslo Architecture Triennale, Oslo,  2019

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Video installation, Haus der Architektur, Graz, 2019

Machines of Loving Grace
Installation, Teatro Ringhiera, Milan, 2019

Everyday Ruins 
Video installation, Baltsprojects, Zurich, 2019
Microtools, The Invisible Synapse
Installation, Alcova, Milan Design Week, 2019

Domestic Monuments, DiSé
Visual Identity and illustrations, Palazzo Biscari, Catania, 2019

Affordable Art Fair 2019 
Images and Virtual Reality, Milan, 2019
Installation, Virtual Reality, Anise Gallery, London, 2018

Design piece, Swiss Architecture Museum, Basel, 2018

Relics, Forma e Cemento
Visual identity and illustrations, Salone del Mobile, Milan, 2018
an ongoing graphic novel without chronology, since 2017

- Multidisciplinary agency experimenting within design, architecture, digital art and creative direction. -

Domestic Monuments, Disé

Visual Identity and Illustrations, Palazzo Biscari, Catania, 2019

This is the story of a collection of furniture pieces, signed by international designers and made by artisans from Catania, which talks about monuments and explains why, if monuments serve to remember, to build a bridge between past and future, perhaps not they are neither a question of size nor of position. The squares can be replaced by the nooks and crannies of the houses, obligatory places of passage where you can throw an eye. The house itself is the place for a series of private but collective rituals, and it is to these that DiSé dedicates its Domestic Monuments collection. Eight design pieces entrusted to eight different designers and each dedicated to one of the gestures and objects that identify the living space. The result is a heterogeneous collection, ranging from the minimal lines of OSΔOOS to the exuberant ones of Guillermo Santomà, from the simple materials of Germans Ermičs to the rich and varied ones of Leopold Bianchini.

- Multidisciplinary agency experimenting within design, architecture, digital art and creative direction. -